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Water Heaters For Glenwood Minnesota

There’s a lot you need to consider when you’re buying a new water heater for your home.  Your new water heater needs to be big enough to provide enough hot water for your needs without being an energy waster.
  • You need to consider the different types of water heaters including conventional, tankless and solar.
  • You need to fuel source options including natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity.
  • You need to research all of the new technology, options and features on water heaters.
Rapid Respond can help you make the right decision.

Tankless Water Heater

With a tankless water heater, only the water that you need will be heated.  This saves energy dollars by avoiding the heating and re-heating of same water.  It is estimated that you could save between 30%-50% on your energy costs by using this eco-friendly option.

Here’s how it works:  When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the tankless water heater unit.  The unit immediately fires up and heats the water to be delivered to the tap.  When the tap is shut off, the unit shuts down to save you energy dollars.

A tankless water heater delivers a constant supply of hot water.  That means you’ll never run out of hot water!  

Conventional Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Conventional tank storage water heaters are the most popular type of water heating system for the home. They can be fueled by natural gas, propane, fuel oil, and electricity.  Energy-efficient storage water heaters are a great, cost-effective replacement option for your current water heater.  Rapid Response can help you select the right unit for your home and install it to perform at peak efficiency for years of worry-free use.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can even be used in Minnesota!   Solar water heaters are a reliable way to harnessing the sun's free energy to provide convenience and comfort in your home. Did you know that solar water heating could be used for more than just producing hot water for showers, cooking and cleaning?   Solar can also be used to heat your home with radiant floor heating or supplementary space heat.  Rapid Response can answer all of your questions about solar technology and how it can work in your home.

Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Periodic water heater maintenance can significantly extend your water heater's life and minimize loss of efficiency. For maximum life and efficiency, you will want to periodically inspect your water heater.  If your water heater requires professional repairs because it doesn't heat up, it's leaking or you have any other problems, one call to Rapid Response will have it back to perfect working order.

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