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3 Benefits Of High Pressure Water Jetting For Your Home's Pipes

Hydro jetting benefits

As a homeowner, you have likely encountered your fair share of clogged or slow-flowing drains at some point, whether they are in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else around your home it might be. While store-bought cleaners might help to alleviate some of the symptoms for a time, they don't do much to get rid of the problem at the source to ensure it doesn't come back.

This is where high pressure water jetting comes in. High pressure water jetting is a service in which the insides of your pipes are blasted with highly pressurized hot water, which can clear away even the most stubborn clogs like they were nothing. In fact, high pressure water jetting is on its way to quickly becoming the most highly asked about pipe and drain cleaning method on the market today, and if you are still on the fence about whether or not this service is right for your home, this article is for you. In it, our team of skilled Glenwood plumbers will go over several of the key benefits that high pressure water jetting can provide to your home's plumbing over some of the more traditional methods of drain cleaning.

It's More Effective

First and foremost, while some traditional methods like snaking and store-bought chemicals might work for some clogs, high pressure water jetting works for virtually every type of clog you can imagine, no matter how severe it might be. High pressure water jetting completely clears out the plumbing line, removing all traces of debris that might have built up on the side of the pipes which could potentially cause the problem to return. While traditional methods might be able to clear away the bulk of the blockage, they are usually unable to get rid of the residue that builds up on the insides of the pipe.

It Can Save You Money

While high pressure water jetting might cost you more in the short term than a standard rooter or snaking, it is a great way to save yourself a good deal of money in the long run. By eliminating the residue inside the pipes of your system, you are reducing the likelihood of a similar issue popping up anytime in the near future, preventing you from having to call back in for service for quite some time. Additionally, because high pressure water jetting can usually be done in a fraction of the time that other methods require, it can save you a great deal of time, potentially saving you money if your plumber happens to charge by the hour.

It's More Sanitary

With traditional drain cleaning and clog removal methods, there is always the fear that some of the trapped sewage being stopped from draining properly will back up into your home, or otherwise find its way onto the other surfaces around your bathroom. With high pressure water jetting, however, this isn't something you need to concern yourself with. With high pressure water jetting, you don't run the risk of having debris back up and come into contact with things that you have around your bathroom, resulting in less risk for not only the worker, but also for you and your family.