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Common Reasons Minnesota Homeowners Make the Switch To Radiant Heating

Common reasons to switch to radiant heating

The easiest way to explain radiant heating to someone who doesn’t already have it is to liken it to the sun. The way the sun warms objects and people directly, is much how radiant heating works.

So how does this differ or compare to traditional heating systems? Your standard HVAC is a forced air system, meaning it warms air and blows warm air out into the various rooms. While there are certainly pros and cons associated with any type of heating system, you will find that radiant heating seems to have almost nothing but benefits.

Radiant Heating – Is It Right For You?

We take heating seriously in Minnesota, because the cold winter weather can be difficult to deal with. Many homeowners prefer radiant heating because it mimics the way the sun feels, and on a cold winter day we could all use a reminder of how good the sun feels. But what are some other reasons that so many homeowners are finally making the transition to radiant heat?

Since this heating system is more effective, it also makes it more efficient. Radiant heating is more energy-efficient, and that’s important for a couple of reasons. For one thing, this means you can finally expect a reduction in your monthly operational costs. For another thing, it means that your household will be more Eco-friendly. In other words, it’s a win-win. Research indicates the radiant approach is at least 25% more efficient.

You can now plan your interior designing without the need to work around any awkward, and oftentimes cumbersome, details related to your heating system. No more radiators, vents or baseboard registers to plan around. So, you not only have total freedom over your design, you don’t have to look at these eyesores any longer.

Not having a forced air system means better indoor air quality. Air ducts are a great place for contaminants like dust and dander to collect. Then, from there, these pollutants are redistributed into the air when the heat kicks on and the warmed air blows through. This is especially alarming for anyone with asthma, allergies or other breathing-related health issues, but is not good for anyone’s health.

Plus, the average homeowner loves the quality of heat, and the lack of noise. You get the best quality warmth, with silent operation. You won’t believe the difference it makes until you try it.

The Best in Professional Help

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