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How Your Humidifier Helps You Deal With Winter Weather

How humidifier helps winter weather

Until you’ve experienced the benefits of a humidifier inside your home firsthand, it’s hard to appreciate the redeeming features. A humidifier can make your home more comfortable and promote better health all year long but does have more noticeable benefits during the winter.

Dry air isn’t just inconvenient or unpleasant; it can pose a greater health risk and negatively affect your HVAC’s energy-efficiency. Having a whole-house humidifier installed is the ideal way to reintroduce moist air into your home and combat the problems caused by arid conditions.

Improving Your Household With Quality Indoor Air

Ask around, and reputable HVAC contractors will tell you that whole house humidifiers make a significant difference in the air quality. You’ll be glad you finally added a humidifier system to your home when you notice benefits like:

  • Better Health - Humid air makes it more difficult for germs to spread, which means lower instances of illness among households. Plus, when one family member brings home a cold, it’s less likely everyone in your home will catch that same cold.
  • Better Recovery Time - Even though your risk of spreading illness through the home is minimized by adding a humidifier, that doesn’t eliminate it completely. You’ll be glad to know that humid air will make your conditions during sickness less miserable. Humidity in the air helps keep mucus membranes lubricated, and that means better comfort during the duration of your illness.
  • Better Skin and Hair - Moisture in the air naturally makes skin and hair softer and less dry or brittle. Plus, during winter, when static electricity makes it difficult to deal with your hair, humidity counterbalances that problem.
  • Better Preservation - Your wood floors, furniture, doors, and other features of your home will hold up better when not deprived of natural moisture. When conditions are too dry or too damp, it can ruin wood; but setting a humidifier at the right level will maintain the appropriate amount of moisture.

If you’re ready to get your humidifier installed, it’s time to give Rapid Response Plumbing, Heating & Air a call. Even if you’re still on the fence and need further convincing, we’re here to help.

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